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Mari bergabung bersama kami dalam membangun masyarakat melalui pendidikan online. Bergabung dengan IndonesiaX berarti Anda telah turut ambil bagian dalam upaya memperluas akses pendidikan berkualitas bagi seluruh masyarakat. Kirim lamaran dan resume Anda ke

Lowongan Kerja

Information Technology

  • DevOps


    • Help to design and deploy high-availability systems.
    • Work with developers and staff to maintain and improve the infrastructure of IndonesiaX.
    • Rapidly diagnose and resolve faults with services, and communicate to users as appropriate.


    • Must have an excellent working knowledge of Linux both as an end-user and as an administrator.
    • Must be adept in programming/scripting languages. We prefer Python experience, extra credit for strong polyglot skills.
    • Must be familiar with a configuration management system such as Ansible.
    • Must have experience running web applications in a production environment.
    • Must have excellent personal interaction skills as the position requires interfacing with a wide range of people up to board level.
    • Ideally possesses experience with some of the following technologies: nginx, mysql, mongodb, django environments, aws, git.
    • Innate drive to continuously improve and learn. Willingness to tackle a wide-range of projects. Interest in understanding and becoming expert in new technologies.
  • Software Engineer


    • Collaborate with the team to define the overall system architecture, data model(s), and loosely coupled technology stack(s).
    • Turn conceptual business-level models into a logical relational database models (implementing in MySQL).
    • Working closely with Production and Development team.


    • Expertise in HTML5 and CSS.
    • Expertise in PHP or Python, Javascript, Jquery.
    • Experience with MYSQL Database.
    • Good point if understand Python.
    • Understand MVC concept.
    • Understand in Bootstrap and Responsive Development.
    • Good knowledge of testing / working in a Test Driven Development environment.
    • Good communicator and team player.
    • Strong knowledge of design patterns.
    • Keep up with the latest tools and technologies.

Lowongan Magang

Information Technology